About Me

Dr Rhonda Henry is a Doctor of Nutritional Science and a Certified Traditional Chinese Practitioner.

Dr Henry serves patients with a variety of conditions, however it is in the area of weight management that she has seen some of her greatest success, personally and professionally.

Although she is healthy and slim – and has been for years – after growing up as an overweight child, Dr Henry’s own weight skyrocketed, reaching an alarming 311lbs and it was in her struggle to find a ‘cure’ that she came across her greatest breakthroughs.


Dr. Henry Before & After

It was during her journey to health that Dr Henry developed her groundbreaking and individualized HealthTest©.  Dr Henry’s specifically designed testing provides easy-to-understand reports explaining any deficiencies, foods listed in applicable categories, a precisely designed food program as well as any other information the patient may require to enable them to turn their health around.

Dr Henry believes that only natural, professional-grade supplements should be used and purchased only when one knows what the body needs, and they must be taken synergistically.

“Finding and developing a balanced program to fit the needs of the individual’s health issues is the key to success,” Dr Henry assures.  In her Family Boutique Practice she insists that everyone in the family is involved, even if only working with one family member.  “Preventative and Alternative HealthCare deals with finding the cause, not covering up the symptoms,” she continued, and with this approach she has seen the entire family become healthier and support each other.

Dr Henry is a featured Radio Show Host, Author and a syndicated health Columnist who works with doctors and alternative health professionals.  She received her BA in Psychology at the University of Toronto (Canada); her first BS at Union University; then her second BS, MS, PhD in Clinical Nutrition at Donsbach University in Huntington Beach, CA.  Her certifications include:  The AmeHenry Vegasrican Association of Nutritional Consultants; The International Academy of Preventative Medicine; Academy of Holistic Practitioners; Traditional Chinese Medicine & Bio-Analysis.  Her membership and affiliations include IAACN – Associate Membership International Association and being a Board Member of the American Council of Collaborative Medicine (ACCM).


Dr Rhonda Henry named one of Nevada’s Distinguished Women for “Outstanding Achievements in her Profession”.