Personal Biography

Dr. Rhonda Henry knows what she’s talking about. A noted health and nutrition expert, she’s been
“to hell and back,” as she puts it, and knows, after eating her way to a better life for the past 30 plus
years, that it’s definitely better on the right side of the table.
Chronically overweight as a child, Rhonda discovered early on the pains and trauma associated with
obesity. “When I was a youngster,” says Dr. Henry, “they said it was only baby fat. But, baby, the
fat only kept growing!
“I tried every crash diet, fad gimmick and con in the books, but in the end, the frustration of failure
only worsened my problems and drove me further into my eating disorder.”
Frustration turned to anxiety and defeat as Rhonda passed the 300-pound mark. “Here I was,” recalls
Dr. Henry, “just past 30, weighing over 300 pounds, I couldn’t even tie my own shoes! I felt
completely helpless. Nothing I had tried had ever worked for any length of time and I knew, for the
first time in my life, that this was the end. I was going to die! I was literally ‘eating myself to
Such panic led Rhonda to try every extreme, desperate measure available, which only seemed to
confirm her certainty that if she didn’t lose the weight she was going to die. Her final extreme
measure brought her from a size 26 ½ to a size 18, resulting in many nutritional deficiencies, anemia,
loss of most of her hair and she developed a terrible acne condition.
Rhonda attended a lecture by a noted nutritionist and “in what seemed like an instant,” beams Dr.
Henry, “he put it all into perspective and turned on the light of hope.” She now realized that obesity
is not a problem, it’s a disease; a disease which is chronic, progressive and often fatal. It can only
be cured by altering your lifestyle and allowing your body’s own defenses and immune system to
counteract the problems. In other words, we have to deal with the cause not the symptoms!
Now realizing that there was in fact hope, not just for her but for millions, Rhonda returned to school
and eventually received her Ph.D. in Nutrition in 1980. She is active in continuing her education
through seminars, lectures, tapes and conventions, and now practices Preventive and Alternative
HealthCare – NATURALLY!
What she found, after experimenting with better eating, proper nutrition, and more sensible
combinations of food groups astonished her. “For years, I’d been trying every misplaced medical
“cure” for my disease, however (i.e.–”eating”) and now I was learning how to eat and what to eat
all over again, I not only looked better but felt better.
The proof is in the pudding. After learning to “eat her way to a better life,” she’s gone from a size
26 ½ to a slim size 10-12 and has maintained it for the last 30 years. “Instead of eating my way into
an early grave,” smiles Dr. Henry, “I’ve learned to eat my way into a new and happier tomorrow!”
By putting her body into proper balance, she’s found an answer not only to the perils of weight
control, but to the ordinary dangers we face in everyday health. “Most of the ills we impose upon
our bodies are avoidable if our system is in proper balance,” states Dr. Henry. “But how can you
balance out your body’s intake of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc., particularly
since we all have a different point of balance? This is the most critical question we can ask
ourselves, and yet the single most understudied and misunderstood part of health care today.
Doctors take multiple courses in how the engine in our body works and how it all fits together, but
virtually no courses in how to make it run smoothly and properly. Cut out your appendix or replace
your heart? Fine. Doctors know how to do that. But find out where you may be nutrient deficient,
and how to help you get nutrient sufficient – teach you how, through proper exercise and eating, to
prevent the everyday ills or chronic diseases. Sorry. That’s not their line.
“Medical doctors deal with the symptoms – doctors in the field of Clinical Nutrition deal with the
cause.” says Dr. Henry. We only see a medical doctor after a problem develops, not before! And,
after all, a medical doctor only works when you’re sick, and a surgeon only gets paid when he cuts
something out. Is it any wonder the medical establishment puts so little effort or energy into
preventive measures!” Dr. Henry says, “It’s time that the public realizes that we don’t have ‘health’
insurance in this country, what we have is ‘sickness’ insurance. She goes on to explain, “if you’re
willing to go to a medical doctor who will give you a prescription containing drugs which contains
toxins, your insurance will pay. However, if you go to a doctor specializing in keeping you well,
by suggesting natural nutrients, your insurance won’t pay.
As former owner/director of The Beverly Hills Health Clinic in Beverly Hills, CA, and her current
practice which runs the gamut from entertainers, housewives, kids and executives, that’s exactly what
Dr. Henry does, “I practice Preventive and Alternative HealthCare. I teach people how to
manage their health based on their individual lifestyles. We’re NOT one-size-fits-all, that just
works for the advertisers – but reality is, we’re as unique as our fingerprints and if you intend to be,
and stay well, you must find someone to work with that looks at you as an individual, not a statistic,
who can easily become as is the situation in so many cases today, a prescription drug addict”!
Through her simple, comprehensive HealthTest©), marketed nationwide, and her one-on-one
evaluations, (using extensive laboratory work-ups and patient questionnaires) – re-education and
individually designed health and fitness programs, she has helped literally thousands of men, women
and children back from the brink of disaster.
“Sometimes I feel like a guide,” smiles Dr. Henry, “leading people back to a better way of living,
showing them the path that saved my life.” For many, hooked on drugs, alcohol, overeating, and for
the countless people suffering from chronic tension, stress, fatigue, sleeplessness, depression,
weakness and poor health, Dr. Henry is a light at the end of a very long tunnel that began at birth
when we acquired the genes, habits, tastes, and eating disorders that, left untreated, eventually kill
us all.
“Take it from me,” says Dr. Henry, “good eating habits can be simple and fun. You can have your
cake and eat it, too! You simply have to revamp some of your habits and start eating to live, NOT
eating to die!” It’s sound advice from a women who’s tried them both, and who found a path to a
richer and fuller life which she will share with anyone willing to take responsibility for your own
“One of my dreams is to find a few caring medical doctors who will allow me to work with them,
so that we can share our individual knowledge for the REAL purpose, and that is, helping the patient
not only get well, but teach them how to stay well.”
Dr. Henry’s motto, “Plan for Tomorrow’s Good Health – TODAY!™