But The Fat Kept Growing

I tried every DIE…t and new scheme, sure, I lost but shortly after put it back on, plus! I was chubby, overweight and eventually expanded to 311 lbs – when I realized I was going to die one day when I couldn’t do up a pair of running shoes. I started doing my own research and eventually got to looking pretty good. Now I spend my life helping others with their health and weight issues. I have the right program, just for YOU! No one-size-fits-all – for sure! Check out my Quick/Slower Weight-Loss Plan, or my individualized HealthTest© which will provide you with your personally designed food program, and so much more.

It’s NOT about YOUR FAT – It’s about YOUR HEALTH!™
My vision is to help You –
Plan for Tomorrow’s Good Health – TODAY!™




Dr, Henry Before & After

Here are my two best programs for weight loss:

  • Quick Weight Loss

  • Slower Weight Loss


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