Dr. Henry’s HealthTest©

My copyrighted HealthTest© provides us the necessary information and tools to succeed. Whether you want to lose weight, maintain your current weight or are just “Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired” the answers and the how-to-steps are now in your hands.

My scientifically based, individualized HealthTest© will provide you with the necessary information and natural health tools to succeed at improving and maintaining your health and weight goals.
You will find out where you may be nutrient deficient, what that means to your overall health status, learn about the foods in the areas where you’re low or very-low, and receive your personalized food programs based on the answers you provide. And whether you want to maintain your current weight, lose weight, gain weight, or just want to know how you should be eating today, no longer will you have to guess, and so much more.

A sound personal nutritional program can make a big difference in how you LOOK and FEEL!
Learning how to eat and supplement for your own specific needs is the most important step in regaining and maintaining the GOOD HEALTH you deserve.A sound nutritional program can make a big difference in how YOU LOOK and FEEL. With just a few wholesome food choices and supplements YOU can be energized and have the good health YOU deserve.

The HealthTest© questionnaires have been broken down into 4 sections:

    1. General Information     2. Symptom Questionnaire
    3. Nutrient Deficiency Test     4. Diet Appraisal


What’s great, is that you can start and stop at your convenience and when you have all questions answered to your satisfaction – just click!

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