My Private Practice



Hello, and I’m really looking forward to working with you.

In order to give you the best service you deserve, I’ve attached some Initial Intake Questionnaires for you to complete in the comfort of your home or office. You can either print-out and email back to me at: or for those more sophisticated – complete all online and just “click”

After I have the opportunity of reviewing all your answers I will contact you to set-up a personal, convenient consultation time. For some in Las Vegas, you just have to get in your car, but for others we can do the old fashion thing – it’s called a “telephone”- and very soon they will teach me how to Skype, which will then allow me to give classes – like I don’t have enough to do. All this modern technology is beyond me, but the good news is – I’m looking for a supplement to make me smarter, ha, ha! Yes, laughing is the first and greatest step to increasing your health! And it’interviews ok to laugh at me and with me!

I would really suggest that you bring your significant other when this consultation takes place. Why? Because I will be asking more question and guys I love you, but if your lady hasn’t gone over your questionnaires – she may have some important insight for me to know about to help you. Besides, we will talk about optional programs and you shouldn’t just jump into anything – if you have a partner they may have some ideas, questions, etc., that will bring your final decision into a viable reality, that all agree on! Peace – another step to good health! 2 good health steps already…

Besides, do you really think you could ever explain me to anyone? They would say, is she’s really a Doctor?

So, let’s make it as easy as we can, even if we’re using technology.

The only thing I want out of this meeting is that all feel secure and confident that what you find out makes sense to YOU. And do have your list of questions handy. This isn’t going to be like going into an allopathic doctor’s office where you may have to wait an hour and then get 8-10 minutes, oh, let’s not forget the prescription. No my friend – we will take all the time it takes for all issues from my end, as well as yours to be handled.

scaleI guess because I was fat, became obese (311 lbs) – and nobody even asked me important questions about my health – I’ve become a little “neurotic” well, maybe a little more! But, I don’t try to guess, I need to eventually find out what the cause of your issues are. I know, I’m strange, but I’ve earned my crazy for half of my life I went from one doctor to another. So, I thought I had better tell you in front…. I don’t work like others – I don’t wear a white coat – and I love hugs (not an issue – you can say “no”) – Really!
All kidding aside – your bodies are the temple you’ve been given and with all the environmental government allowed chemicals, Big Pharma, the food industry, etc. – all who care about nothing but money.

Unfortunately, most don’t think they have a choice – however, if you want to live a healthier, longer life,
there are some professionals who really care. What is a reality is that the food we were brought up with,
although still has the same name, has little relationship as far as nutrition and health-building anymore. – and what about our kids???? Another time. See you soon!

Dr. Rhonda