Breakdown of What I Do and How I Do It

1. Initial Consultation:
Prospective client/patient completes a comprehensive intake questionnaire.
Consultation takes about 60-90 minutes to understand the various health issues.
An explanation of what I do, and how I think we should proceed is discussed.
If prospect decides to take suggested program, the following occurs.
2. The Program:
a. The lab requisitions are completed for needed lab work-up. (blood/urine). May include:
Allergy, Candida, Amino Acids, telomere, etc. depending on outcome of initial
b. You will then be given another questionnaire to be completed at home and return.
c. Instructions are given for basal thyroid and iodine at-home testing
d. MEAS (Meridian Energy Analysis System) This Chinese test is performed in office.
e. Patient pays for complete program at time of acceptance..
f. As soon as lab is drawn, patient starts on a detoxification program (you get to eat!)
3. Dr. Rhonda’s Step-By-Step Approach:
a. Analyzes all questionnaires dealing with all body systems. You will receive copies of all
reports automatically – these are your personal health records.
b. When all lab results are received, these numbers are entered into our in-office software
program. This includes approximately 100 test from blood/urine, trace & toxic metals,
and other tests as had been suggested and performed.
c. When all information has been noted and input is completed, it’s now time to analyze the
results. This will allow for the creation of the correct food and supplement program.
Depending on the testing ordered, we normally say that your program will be completed
within 2-3 weeks from time of lab draw.
d. Follow-up appointment to go over your new program is approximately 90 minutes.
4. Patient & Doctor Meet:
a. Most of the 90 minutes are spent explaining the laboratory results (in English), your new
food program, shopping, preparing your food, deciding on a moderate exercise program,
and taking time just for you – this is all about YOU!
b. Explaining the new food program is important, especially if allergy or candida are found
to be an issues.
c. Explaining the various nutrients that will help reach your optimal good health/weight.
d. Take blood pressure, weight and do measurements on those wanting to lose weight.
e. Collect for products (this consultation is part of your program. Products are not.
f. An appointment is made for 3 ½ weeks later. This gives patient time to prepare supplements
for the following month. The best way to prepare your supplements are always taught.
g. Many other things like food-combining, digestive issues, and other personal issues will be
discussed so you feel comfortable with your new lifestyle program.
The more compliant – the faster the results.
The Goal is to help YOU –
Plan for Tomorrow’s Good Health – TODAY!™