Individualized Nutrition

a Professional Experience
Most of us have gotten used to receiving our nutritional wisdom in the form of the lowest common
denominators and rules of thumb – food pyramids and RDAs aimed at no one in particular, new-deal diets and
supplements that work for some people, and wreak havoc on others.
Well, I say, good-bye to recommendations for the average individual: It’s all about YOUR chemistry, YOUR
genetics, YOUR own biological quirks and physiological anomalies. Armed with the right knowledge (most
of which is currently available in the form of relatively straightforward laboratory testing, and specific
questionnaire. YOU can proceed much more directly to finding the right food program (DIE…ts don’t work)
and the right supplements that are precisely designed for your unique body.
Individualized nutrition helps YOU detour around the over-generalized advice, vitamin-bottle hyperboles and
popular-diet fads that define most peoples approach to nutrition. It also helps YOU bypass the trial-and-error
approach that traps so many in mystifying yo-yo weight cycles and low-energy eddies, and saves YOU the
trouble, expense and potential danger of supplementing and medicating in areas you shouldn’t be, in particular
if there are natural healthcare products that do no harm.
Individualized nutrition is not to be confused with popular diets, like the Blood Type Diet, that simply group
people into blood or metabolic “types.” The theory behind such diets is that our type characteristics reflect the
path of our ancestral evolution over 40,000 years ago or so, and that this evolutionary path – the result of natural
selection based on genetic variations – determines our core physiology and the nutrition we require to feel and
function at our best. While useful in some ways, the weakness with poorly, type-based diets is that they only
present part of the story – a story that is long on theory and historical conjecture but short on confirmed,
individually based fact. Rather than link your nutritional plan to educated guesses about where your physiology
(health issues) came from, Doctors of Nutritional Science would rather deal with precise, clinically established
data about where your biochemical and genetic makeup stands right now. Where you think your problem is,
may not be the root – finding out will allow you to deal with the cause, not just the symptoms.
Just as no two people have matching fingerprints, neither do they have identical biochemical anatomical and
molecular characteristics. Roger Williams, Ph.D., a renowned biochemical expert who in 1956 published
Biochemical Individuality – the first major work on this topic – proved that we inherit unique nutrient needs
because we inherit unique digestive, absorptive and enzymatic patterns. The complex interplay of these
patterns, and enormous resultant variety of biochemical results, Williams argument, means that there is no such
thing as a “normal” or “average” human body, and that in fact, “practically every human being is a deviate in
some respect.”
Over the period of a day, one “normal” person’s body may metabolize and excrete several times more of a
particular mineral than another’s might. Over a period of weeks or months, one person may require
significantly more of a certain nutrient to stay healthy. It stands to reason that if a large group of people were
fed precisely the same dietary intake, some would thrive, while others would suffer symptoms of excess or
deficiency. For some, the results of such an excess or deficiency might be relatively minor. In others, the
deficiency might cause the emergence of allergies or intolerances that weren’t previously apparent; it might also
flip a genetic “switch,” causing them to develop a hereditary disease that, under ideal nutritional conditions,
they might have successfully avoided.
As Williams wrote in Biochemical Individuality, “The whole problem of human health and welfare is vastly
different if the population, instead of being composed mostly of individuals with normal attributes, is made up
of individuals, all of whom, possess unusual attributes – individuals who deviate from the normal range in
several of the numerous possible particulars.”
Of course, Williams’1950s hypothesis has now been conclusively borne out by the mapping of the human
genome. We now know that there are more than a million single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) – points
in the genome where individuals differ in their genetic sequence. These account for an astonishing number of
“possible particulars,” and perhaps even more astonishing implications for the health industry.
It is now apparent, for example, that two individuals with slightly different genes will metabolize substances
(such as those found in food, supplements and pharmaceuticals) at tremendously different rates, and with very
different effects. They may be prone to totally different diseases, and respond very differently to nutrients and
drug therapies. These are factors, however, that remarkably few traditional diets, supplementation and
pharmaceutical strategies take into account. And that’s something crusaders like myself for individualized
nutrition are determined to change, one patient at a time.
You must forego “miracle” diets and one-size-fits-all nutritional advice, and instead opt for a plan as unique
as YOU are. Because each person is biochemically unique, each requires a customized food program for
optimal health. Individualizing your food program, can reveal the root causes of diseases, as well as eliminate
the cause of many chronic problems like fatigue, weight gain, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, hormone
imbalances, rashes, etc. By giving your body precisely the nutrients it needs, you can achieve a state of
unprecedented wellness while sidestepping the all-to-common and dangerous practice of superficially treating
the symptoms of deficiency and intolerance, instead of the cause.
Of course, arriving at all the right answers involves acquiring some solid data. I use a variety of pertinent
questionnaires, which starts with checking off whichever answers are applicable in your case. Remember, no
one knows how you feel like you (this is called ‘body-language) and, if the right questions are asked – it’s then
possible with a comprehensive initial consultation to know what testing would benefit YOU. My basic
laboratory panel covers over 100 tests, using both blood/urine, sometimes stool. These clinical tests deliver
precise, detailed and quantitative profiles of YOUR body’s biochemical, hormonal, metabolic and genetic
makeup. This information, by extension, can reveal latent imbalances, dysfunctions and inherent physiological
patterns that, with my guidance, can often effectively correct or compensate without medical intervention.
YOUR body is made up of natural substances, so it makes good sense to heal YOUR deficiencies by using
natural means!
Getting the results is easy. Interpreting and weighing the evidence is a bit trickier, and that’s where having a
doctor in the field of Nutritional Science to guide YOU is essential. It’s important to note, for example, that
many blood, saliva, stool and urine tests provide only a snapshot of your body’s biochemical status at a given
time. Real expertise is required to administer tests in the proper combination and at proper intervals, to interpret
the complex results, identify pathologies, and then determine a proper course of action. Genetic testing reveals
the information permanently encoded in your DNA, but it can’t, by itself, evaluate how your genetic
predispositions are currently playing out or suggest specific strategies to optimize your genes’ “expression” in
the future. For that YOU need professional experience and expertise, and some insightful suggestions about
how YOU can tailor YOUR food program (diet), supplementation and exercise strategies to fit YOUR personal
Traditional Chinese Analysis:
Meridian Energy Analysis System (MEAS) combines traditional Chinese Medicine with new technology to
allow me to keep track of your current state of health. This in-office machine is just another natural tool that
is used to promote YOUR health by restoring YOUR organ energy levels and zest for life. Within a short period
of time, YOUR revitalized state should become apparent with marked improvement in YOUR appearance,
disposition, physical strength, and emotional well-being. Just one more natural tool I use to help my patients
reach their goal of optimal good health more quickly.
Unfortunately, while all the clinical knowledge and technology for personalized typing and testing is currently
available, and its value well established, unfortunately, the actual practice of typing, and testing are still not
widely understood or offered by most allopathic doctors. As a result, individuals seeking this sort of
personalized-nutritional guidance may have to search to find help. Sadly, there are few doctors practicing
this type of in-depth healthcare. While the insights available through such tests are enormously important, the
majority of traditional doctors are not stepping up to the plate and using them. But I believe that it’s just a
matter of time before they take the necessary steps to offer “Health Insurance” in lieu of “Sickness
Genomic tests can tell YOU which diseases YOU may be most predisposed toward, and to which preventative
modalities you’re likely to respond to best, and what kind of proactive nutritional program is correct, to keep
YOU in good health. In some cases offering such a testing may be very important and empowering for both
the patient and healthcare provider. It’s like getting to finally picking up and looking at the cards YOU were
dealt at birth – cards that up until now have been lying face down on the table. Once YOU know the hand
you’re playing with, YOU can direct YOUR energy in a more focused, effective way.
I truly believe that individualized-nutrition, meaning individual testing. Even just starting with using my
scientifically designed, HealthTest© may be an initial step to helping the general public to reclaim
responsibility for their own health through the correct foods, supplements, exercise and lifestyle changes.
Rather than inadvertently triggering problems through inappropriate diets and supplement choices, waiting for
symptoms to show up, and then, seeking an allopathic doctor for help, which usually involves drugs, in lieu of
natural health aids, which then allows YOU to make more informed, proactive life choices. It also lets YOU
work, as I like to say, “in partnership” with each other.
Once you know what YOUR genetic and biochemical weak links are, YOU can learn how to avoid activating
or exacerbating them. And even if they are already activated, I can help to alleviate the issues, with your cooperation.
The days of treating the SYMPTOMS and not the CAUSE should be GONE!
Your health issues should not be a mystery. We take so many hours investing our time and money in
purchasing cars, homes, the stock market, etc. – but have YOU really taken the time to invest in YOU?
Patients’ ought to be in the drivers seat. However, those same patients’ must understand that when they have
health issues, they must look at the lifestyle they have been living. We must now finally understand that WE
cause our health issues and now we must be prepared to invest in our health, as necessary.
Insurance pays for Sickness Insurance which means you go to your allopathic doctor and expect drugs. The
alternative is available and that means you’re ready to take responsibility for your health and understand that
the powers that be….are not, for the most part willing to pay what you have been paying into your insurance
company for perhaps for years. Getting your health back is going to take your investment in time, money and
some lifestyle changes. If you’re not ready – I’m obviously not the person to see – my heart is into helping those
who REALLY want to FEEL and LOOK their best.
For those who know me from my television shows, writings, seminars, etc. know that I was 311 pounds. I have
gone through it all with very little help. Not because nobody wanted to help me – in my case all they knew was
the 1000 calorie diet. They never asked me anything but my eating and I wasn’t a big eater, just ate the wrong
healthy foods – I kid you not!
Tired of the Extra Weight or finally ready to Take Responsibility for Your Own Health Needs!
Just give me a call and let’s talk about YOU: 702- 269-8120
Did You Know That Proper Nutrition Can Deal With:
• Aching muscles/joints
• Congestion
• Chest Colds/Flu/Cough
• Difficulty Relaxing
• Eye Stress
• Frequent Belching
* Lack of Concentration
* Loneliness or Depression
• Overweight / Underweight+
• Stress
• Premenstrual Syndrome
* Hypoglycemia
• Osteoporosis
• Arthritis
• Immune System Disorders
• Anxiety – Panic Attacks
• Constipation – Loose Bowels
• Dental Problems
• The Aging Process
• Headaches
• Leg Cramps
• Nervousness
• Sexual Problems
• Addictions
• Menopausal Symptoms
• Allergies
• Heart Disease
• Cancer
• and much, much more
Do You Know What Vitamins To Take?
Do you Combine Your Food Properly?
Do You Need More Or Less Protein?
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