What Makes What I Do – Unique?

1. Most doctors’ are boring.
I’m enthusiastic, warm, and people know in short order that I truly care, and will do my best to help them achieve optimal good health.
2. I’m transparent.
When appropriate, I share my journey through the good times and bad – and I believe this gives even more hope for success – I’ve done it!
3. I transfer my confidence and hope to prospective patients’.
Finally, you’ll be working with a professional who isn’t going to write a prescription – but will find the CAUSE of YOUR SYMPTOMS.
4. I spend time to do the job right.
Patients’ are seen on time. No waiting for me. I spend from 1-2 hours with each patient – this is a lifestyle change, and we are like kids in school, who need advice and direction. To have permanent success – you must have the will and the wisdom.
5. I don’t run a “one-size-fits’ all” practice.
Each patient are as unique as their fingerprints and that’s how they are treated. I have the right comprehensive questionnaires that can be done online and/or sent out so they can becompleted at home in a relaxed atmosphere.
I receive the papers back prior to your Initial Appointment wherein I then thoroughly analyze all issues and am ready to get down to business when you arrive at my office or we handleour consultation using technology. Initial consultation – it will take me at least 90 minutes before I tell you what I believe would be the appropriate steps in your situation, and why! – If you choose to work with me personally and I feel we can be a good team, I prepare the necessary paperwork, etc. Definitely – no pressure!
6. Pain medications kill 40 people daily (confirmed by the CDC).
I use only use professional grade nutrients and programs are synergistically designed to get the results needed. If it’s natural – I’ll use it. Chinese / Ayurvedic (Indian) / Homeopathic Herbs / Vitamins-Minerals /Enzymes / Glandulars / Detoxification / Food Alternatives, etc.
7. I customize each Food Program.
Only after analyzing all questionnaires, and tests performed do I decide what type of food program would best suite your situation. Again, one-size-fits-all, only works for the advertisers and pharmaceutical companies. And equally abusive food manufactures who allow for undernourished, chemicalized, junk foods in the marketplace. And the government does nothing – They’re killing us! Kids today will die earlier than their parents if we don’t change things. Shocking!