Dr. Henry, we thank you for your visit to Sun City Aliante and program on “Is Your Gut Happy ?” I was glued to your presentation and we thoroughly relished your presentation.
Personally, I have been suffering from stomach problems for ages, dealing with gas, bloat syndrome, and there is no way that the VA or for that matter any Doctor is or has done proper testing to see where my problems really lie. There is no doubt that we need help and natural products to bring us both back to good health.
My wife and I both want to go through your analysis testing program and get together with you on both of our behalf, but we leave tomorrow for Montana for two months, before returning permanently. Please send your Initial Intake Forms to us and we will call you before we return to set-up our appointment.
Ken & Phyllis K

When I first came to Dr. Rhonda. even though I was in my early 40’s, the level of health I had was low indeed. I dealt with hypoglycemia, gut problems, severe food allergies, great fatigue and constant bladder infections. Dr. Rhonda’s skill and knowledge turned everything around for me.
Years have passed but I feel younger now then when I first came to her, back in the early 1980’s. Low blood sugar is not an issue, gut problems gone, I have energy to face each day, and her antiaging supplements keep everything looking like it’s supposed to.
I became a real believer in her methods and brought my Mom to her as well. What can I say, Mom takes her supplements faithfully, she looks beautiful, and is still filled with vitality at 89! Thank you and God Bless you Dr. Rhonda!
Phyllis L

Blessings to you from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Dana and I just wanted to drop you a little note to say that we are doing very well on your program. Dana has lost about 20 pounds and I have lost over 25 pounds, since we started this program. We are taking the supplements, and are feeling really great. Thank you for all your information it has been a tremendous help to us. We pray that you will continue to help and support others as they travel down the often difficult road to a healthy life.
Dana & Michelle F

I can’t thank you enough for all the help you have given me over the years. I remember the first time I saw you professionally and I thought I wasn’t long for this world. I could hardly bring my right arm up to my head and the constant digestive problems and other aches and pains, and my nerves made me feel as though I was going to die. You assured me that with some direction, I would be fine in no time and I was and have been for many years now except when I over-cheat, or go off my program for a while.
You made a comment not long ago that people call you when they get sick, but once they feel better, you never hear from them. Well, I thought I would like to change things for you by writing this letter to let you know that I am doing well, my new business venture is coming along nicely, and I truly believe that if you hadn’t gotten me nutritionally fit, there is absolutely no way
I could take on the stress and aggravation that goes into putting a product line together.
Thanks again for everything and I sure hope the rest of the world wakes up to who you are soon.
Mary O

Hi Doc: Since I’m not much on writing since my gift is music this letter may just let others know that if I can stick with a health program anyone can.
I was married to Ruth Pointer when we first met, back in 1983 and one thing you said stayed with me … “nobody should start on any kind of program until they have made that decision for themselves.” I wasn’t ready to clean up my act until a couple of years late, after my brother died of an overdose.
My feelings come out in my music, not in words, but I think you know how I feel about you. As far as my family is concerned, you saved my life and I don’t know how I could have done it without you.
I guess the reward as you put it is “when you’re clean and feel good, “I’ll feel good.” Well, I’m clean and feeling great and professionally things are only getting better. There is no way Lionel Richer or Michael Jackson would have me on the road with them if I was a junkie.
Thanks for saving my life and always calling when you know I should be out of vitamins. I’m still not as responsible as I should be, but at least you understand me and put up with me anyway.
The best to you, you deserve more than most for what you do and how you do it.
Don B

Eight years ago I was a very sick person. I had battled Colitis, Diverticulitis, Epstein Bar Vitus and low blood sugar. It wasn’t a pretty picture I assure you. I spent thousands of dollars on tests and doctor bills trying to find an end to all my health problems. The frustrating thing was that the doctors said my problem was – I was too tense and prescribed drugs and tranquilizers.
If this wasn’t enough, while out of the country I picked up parasites in the Yucatan Peninsula, which went undetected for years. I finally went to a gastroenterologist who prescribed Cipro and another very strong antibiotic. I just about died from the treatment. I was down to 93 pounds, couldn’t digest food and was very weak and dizzy all the time. A concerned friend told me about Dr. Henry.
I remember the day I dragged myself into her office, I was a desperate human being and really needed help, not drugs to put a band-aid on my problems. Dr. Henry did extensive lab work based on the blood that was drawn, I filled out her HealthTest, answering many other questions about what was going on in my body, and verbally answered the questions she asked.
That was 8-years ago. After being under Dr. Henry’s care these past years, I have not only regained my health, but also ascended to a level of health I had never experienced. I now weight about 112 pounds. I eat and digest my food, have energy to spare most of the time, and lift weights 3 times a week.
I thank God and Dr. Henry’s skilled care and for the fact that she sincerely cares for each of her patients and inspires us to take responsibility for our health. Dr. Henry’s Health Experience is an experience I would highly recommend.
Phyllis L

I have known Dr. Rhonda Henry for 6 years. During that time, she has helped me through several kinds of health issues and weight control. This most recent bout was due to my arthritis flaring up so badly in my knees that I had trouble going up and down stairs or bending my knees to get into the car, out of a bathtub, etc. When she heard of my pain, she came in like an angel, bringing a bag of supplements, ointments and written instructions. Within 24-hours my condition turned around. The inflamation left, the mobility increased.
Dr. Henry works harder than anyone I know. She tirelessly updates her material with the latest research findings. Her lectures are packed with information and humor. She is always ready to help someone in pain or discomfort, or if you need a program for weight loss. She has an incredible heart to give whatever she is able to give – of her knowledge and resources – to aid those in need. I am very lucky to have her as a friend, as well as my doctor.
Marlene F

I have known Dr. Rhonda Henry for better than 10 years. During that time she has helped me on many occasions could analyze what was causing my problems, and provided whatever wasneeded to fix it.
She knows her products and solutions, and is an expert on preventative measures. Her testing is thorough. If you have something going on inside that isn’t right, she will find it!
If you value your health, you will value Dr. Henry and her preventative approach to wellness. I am a very happy … healthy … and an appreciative patient of hers.
Kim H

Testimonies From Participants Attending Dr. Rhonda’s Health Classes

I love you and thank you for bringing me to a new level of vitality, attitude and 17 pounds lost. I REACHED MY GOAL IN 9 WEEKS!!! But I love this lifestyle so much I’m eating like this forever. Keep up the liberating work of truth about fat, fatigue and taking us to that 5-Star Hotel
Bea L

I learned that “low-fat” is not only way to lose weight. That for me high protein is the way to go. I’m sleeping better, more energy, less stress and my reaction to stress is much less. I have recommended this class to friends because it is a different way of thinking.
Parry E

I’m no longer a slave to SUGAR foods. I am eating proteins and fresh vegetables and finally feeding my body correctly and I’m able to share what I have learnt with my children and husband. I have lost 13 pounds and have lost 2 inches in my bust, 2 inches from my waist and 2½ inches off my hips. I’m not always hungry. I have NO digestive “gas” anymore and I am sleeping much better. Dr. Rhonda is delightful, knowledgeable, balanced, and an encouragement spiritually.
Mary L

What I learnt was that coffee and sugar are drugs. One can eat a lot of food and still lose weight. I’ve lost 12 pounds and have maintained a feeling of well-being. The depth of material was fully informative and more than over-flowing. Not only was she so informative, but Dr. Rhonda’s humor makes the class so much fun.
Bobbi Z

I found out through Dr. Henry’s HealthTest that I had several deficiency areas and was able with her help to start feeling better just a couple of weeks after the class began. I have also learnt how to eat properly for my needs. I have lost weight, have more energy, and don’t experience colds as I did before.
I would recommend to anyone who talks to me about their health to either attend Dr. Henry’s next class or better yet, make an appointment and see her personally. She is not only a great teacher but she is funny and that just makes for an extra special treat.
Lois M

The area that most affected me from taking Dr. Henry’s class was to learn about thyroid and how it affects so many areas of your body. Also, leaning how to food combine and that has made a big difference in my digestive system. I now have so much more energy. Whether you sit in on one class of 12, you have to learn and more important you’ll enjoy the experience.
Melody M

I was asked what I had learnt from Dr. Rhonda’s class and I have to say it was all new. I’ve basically ignored my health and really had no idea how nutrition affected my well being. The things I have learned have changed my life dramatically. I now have more energy, less stress, am more balanced in mood and how I feel generally. She taught on so many different subjects, actually I think she must have covered everything, and she gave us volumes of written
information which keeps the information at my fingertips for easy reference. I couldn’t imagine any more!!! She was not only a great teacher but should have been an entertainer. I laughed and learnt – what a great gifting.
Marla T

I learnt how to make better choices about food. Dr. Henry’s HealthTest has been a real blessing to me. I have given up sugars and cokes and I noticed an almost immediate difference in my well being in so many years. I wish the class had gone on for more weeks so that I could have gotten more menu ideas, she just pulls out menu ideas and how to cook easy and everything she has shared. I am using and enjoying. There was so much information each week to assimilate – I would definitely recommend attending Dr. Rhonda’s class and when she teaches another class,
count me in.
Margret S

I not only learnt how to eat properly so that my food would digest and assimilate properly but I have learnt so much about nutrition and how it affects your every waking hour. I don’t have stuffy nose anymore, I feel more active and I have already lost 7 ½ pounds and plan to continue on my program. Dr. Henry’s HealthTest has given me the blueprint I have needed to know how to eat for ME and what supplements I should be taking. I now realize how much money I wasted just buying whatever I heard on tv, radio or press was good for me. Had no idea that these all
had to work together. A real revelation. I can’t think of an area of health she didn’t cover over the weeks, as a matter of fact, I never realized how many areas of my body, I have control over. Dr. Henry is an excellent teacher. I would without question recommend any class or seminar Dr. Rhonda does to anyone and, everyone I have sent have thanked me.
Christina N

The major revelation I got from attending Dr. Rhonda’s workshop was that losing weight doesn’t mean that I had to stop eating. The fact and reality is that I have changed how I am eating and eating more than ever and am losing weight and have more energy.
Dr. Henry is not only a wonderful, energetic teacher, but she comes from her heart. She shares her most intimate life experiences which made me feel really close to her even though I was only in the audience. I would highly recommend listening to Dr. Rhonda whenever anyone gets the chance. She teaches in simple English and I will at the next opportunity attend as many classes as she gives in my area.
Rosa P

Dr. Rhonda talked a lot about keeping a daily diary. I’m a shy person and I don’t share my feelings. My daily diary always listened. I could write anything down and feel so much better.
I never thought about writing my days feelings down and relate it to the foods I eat and when. My headaches are gone. My energy level is higher than I ever remember it being, actually, my family can’t keep up with me. I’m never hungry and I actually have to force myself to eat because Dr. Rhonda doesn’t want me skipping meals – so I eat a little often. I wish I could have gotten more recipes, she makes preparing so easy I looked forward to hearing her advice every week and was sad when the class ended.
I think Dr. Henry is great! I have attended 2 of her 12-week classes. It’s given me so much confidence and inspiration. I should mention that her teaching an setting up the “ Health Buddy” system has been wonderful and I’m still in contact with my buddy.
Norma A

From all I learnt from Dr. Henry’s class the following three areas stand out the most. (1) overweight people often suffer from malnutrition, (2) the production of cholesterol in your body is more affected by the amount of carbohydrate intake and your hormone imbalance, (3) Hypoglycemia left untreated can lead to Diabetes later in life. She covered so many different topics, it was great and I can’t think of anything she didn’t cover or couldn’t answer when asked. She is a great presenter and the materials she handed out weekly cannot be measured in value.
I would like to recommend any seminar or lecture series Dr. Henry gives because it has changed my life drastically from the very first class. I have gone to see Dr. Henry as a patient and she is the reason I now have my little girl Sarah. As I have told the class and Dr. Henry before, I have learned more from you about nutrition and the human body than I have ever learned in ALL my years of medical training as an R.N.
Karen O

I am now in control of what I eat and am losing weight. I have better mental physical energy. I loved the class and the only area I wish would have been covered in more detail was food preparations. I did get a lot, but since I love to eat and want to do it better and easier, I hope she will have another class with this as a main area of learning.
I really enjoyed Dr. Henry’s 10-week class and I would attend another without question. The class I attended was at night and so much of the material was taught from transparencies which allowed us to take our own notes, but until my nutrients kicked in a few weeks into the class I got easily sleepy. However, I feel the information was vast and very good.
Janet A

I can EAT and LOSE weight! I have learned so much and continue to take my vitamins and minerals. The most important thing I learned was that I no longer have to go on a “diet” – thanks to Dr. Henry’s HealthTest – I am now on a “good food program” designed just for me. I now enjoy and have learned the negatives about sugar, white flour, pasta, and rice. I never thought I could live without these foods! The class was very well balanced with regard to topics and I really enjoyed each evening of her 10-week class.
I have learned SO much and would like others to know they don’t have to stay where there at – they also can have HOPE and be free from fat. The price of the class was money well spent!
I’m thankful for Dr. Henry – this class was a gift for me. I have “hope,” – I know I don’t have to live my life as a fat person.
Juanita H

I really appreciated receiving the overall plan. The HealthTest gave me the set-up to maintenance – I know what to look forward to! I’ve learned much and it has changed my life. It’s difficult to put it into just a few words. I now experienced less nausea, fewer headaches, more energy, sleeping better – not hungry, more satisfied.
So many topics were covered and I can’t think of anything that she did not at least touch on. Dr Henry was very thorough! I loved the many little extras she dropped in like recipes and beauty straight from the kitchen. I really enjoyed when we stopped reading the materials and Dr. Henry winged it – she is a natural entertainer and I would like her to teach totally this way.
The materials she handed out are very thorough. I would recommend Dr. Henry’s class because she deals in reality. I have found a lifestyle that is totally adaptable to any social situation and easy-to-follow for the rest of my life. The class was truly worth the money. For what it actually cost each night I had spent on an evening meal out or more. Thank you for all your hard work and all the great material you provide. Mostly thank you for being available to share your life and success in this very important area. Let’s stay in touch – I want you to see the “fruit of your labor” in me as I continue to lose the weight and change my life, getting healthier and happier all
the time. God bless you!
Terri G

Dr. Rhonda’s class has taught me to eat healthier and because of this I feel more energetic, less tired and require less sleep. I learned so much. The HealthTest Report was worth what I paid for the class. I am continuing on the food and supplement program and I am anxious in a few weeks to take the Follow-Up HealthTest to monitor my improvements. This is certainly a great tool. I hope you will consider coming out with a cookbook, your “throw out recipes” during the classes made everything sound easy and healthy and that’s for me.
Please keep my address and let me know when you write any books. I hope you know that I would recommend your class to everyone. It has helped me so much and I know most peopledon’t have a clue about nutrition even though we are inundated with so-called health information. You really tell it the way it is – finally there is available help and everybody should know about The Health Experience!
Harriet M

I have been dealing with pre-menopausal issues and the class, especially the area that covered hormones was such a help to me. I am now stronger and much healthier. Really enjoyed your class and you made it so much fun, yet serious when necessary. Thank you for taking the time to teach. Most people with your credentials and knowledge wouldn’t waste their time for the small amount you charged or have the heart to teach us. Thank you and I expect to see yo under the right lights.
Matty C.