Path To Natural Weight Loss

I created Dr. Henry’s Health Experience for those people, like YOU, who are highly motivated to succeed in their lives, and recognize that achieving and maintaining optimal good health and proper weight takes education and individual attention. With my programs you can easily receive all the natural health tools you need with as little or as much help as you would like from me.



 Weight Loss – A Healthy Lifestyle Comes  First!  Dr. Rhonda always says,


healthyApple“True healing comes from creating a healthy lifestyle, stopping the things you did that made you sick in the first place, and starting new program of health and wellness, like a healthier food program, elimination program and a program that creates emotional wellness.  This is true healing!”

So work on getting YOU well by adopting these principles, and don’t try to change your life by ONLY using this or that remedy – change your life by changing YOU!

Today, we have discovered the limitations of medical doctors trying to poison people well with chemicals.  Let’s be honest – it doesn’t work!

Getting well depends on how you live your life, and how you change your life when your life depends on it!  Being proactive first is what counts!